Sunday, November 4, 2012

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This is some work made for a recent traveling exhibition, 'Once More, With Love' for more info on this exhibition/project head along to the website. Pretty much the short of the long of it is, that 21 artist were sent a bag of questionable jewellery (that was donated by the public) and challenged to remake/remodel/recycle these bits into new pieces. This project has its foundation in the idea and education of ethical and sustainable jewellery/making. 

Why were you drawn to participate in Once More, With Love?
I'm often quite selective with my choice of materials, so I was excited by the challenge of being given something to work with that I hadn't chosen myself. It appears, in hindsight that it is much harder to form a connection with materials that have been bestowed to you rather that materials that have gone though your own vigorous selection process. This has most certainly been a challenge.

What was the most interesting/weirdest thing in your mystery bag?
There was some pretty awful stuff in my mystery bag, pieces of childlike trashy plastic buttons (a sun, a love heart and a frog), a diamante heart clasp, plastic bangles, beads, beads, beads! My first thought was to make something out of the packaging that this bag of beads, beads, beads came in, but thought, no, that’s silly. I struggled to make something, anything that would sit right with how I make, and what I wanted to say. It seems in the end that my initial gut reaction was just the ticket.

Zoe Brand - 2012
Craft Samples
used regular post satchel
Zoe Brand - 2012 
Between Sydney and Canberra 
used regular post satchel 

Zoe Brand - 2012 
Signed by a Famous Artist (100 times the price) 
used regular post satchel, signature of Simon Cottrell  

The Canberra Times doing its bit to promote the 'Once More, With Love' exhibition on at Bilk Gallery until the 16th November 2012. 

My work is mentioned in both articles.

'Zoe Brand, also based in Canberra, often works with lettering to create two-dimensional pieces. Her contribution was a set of necklaces made from the mystery bag itself rather than the contents.'

...'Other artists like Zoe Brand ducked out of the challenge and created their jewellery from the actual packaging - a witty, if safe, option."


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