Sunday, December 9, 2012

summer of love.

Zoe Brand - 2012
Pace Men (Three Neckpieces)
Three found hubcap attachment rings, laminated figures of Jeff Thompson, an unidentified umpire and Denis Lillee cut from the pages of ‘The Wisden Illustrated History of Cricket’ published 1988, aluminum and potbelly black paint.

Jewellers, in my experience, look at the world differently. It’s in our nature to think that almost everything ‘could be’ a piece of jewellery. Perhaps that bit of roadside detritus, already heavy with history, ‘could be’ a ready-made neckpiece. Pace Men is a nod to the work of luminary Dutch jeweller Gijs Bakker, and combines the jeweller’s ready-made with a jocular love of Australia’s summer religion; Cricket.

PS - jewellery, beer and cricket. happiness. 


Michelle said...

I love this piece Zoe. Would like to see it some time- Michelle w.

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