Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Goodbye Blue Monday!

"If Artists would explain more, people would like art more. You realize that?"
This statement was made by Abe Cohen, the Jeweller to the character Kavabeekian in Kurt Vonnergut's totally ace novel Breakfast of Champions (*). Now there are almost certainly arguments to be made for either side of this statement, but I think I find myself in the affirmative camp. In many cases I tend to enjoy or appreciate art works more when I have some form of backstory/concept given to me. Some times a clue can be given in the title of the piece or perhaps in the listed materials used, such a small amount of information can be enough to gain a better understanding of a piece. But other times these pieces of information (title & materials) can bare no informative fruits what so ever, they bore some obscure reference, or even more unhelpful is the often used 'Untitled'. I also understand that Artists like to have an audience that can 'think', but in this nano second society that we live in, an artist may only have abour 10 seconds in which to gain an observers attention. Now I can hear the crowds getting restless, and yelling 'get to the point you fool', so in the tradition of the Readers Digest let me explain, there is no time, let me sum up (yes yes kids that was a Princess Bride reference). I think education is the key, the more people know, the greater their understanding and thus the greater their appreciation. Give the kids a chance!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

not tonight darling!

A classic greeting card! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trying not to do anything rash!

It seems that I'm allergic to some form of antibiotics, I won't go into details but to say that I can't really leave the house for fear of scaring the locals. This ailment seems to be a blessing in disguise, I have caught up on quite a lot of movies and finally pulled my finger out and taken some good old fashion DIY photographs of my work. While I have already uploaded them on facebook, NOISE and Kit and Caboodle, I though I might as well add a few of them here (to my totally self-indulgent blog) as well. ENJOY!!  

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Board By the Sea

Ah the things you can do with a piece of chalk and a Black Board Brooch. This brooch was purchased as a gift by a friend of my mothers (and mine) for her Aunty.  This Aunty happens to be an Artist and teaches at COFA, and according to a source (my good old mother), she goes down to the beach everyday (that could be a stretch) and sketches the landscape onto her brooch. 

Its amazing to see a piece of jewellery that I have created being used in such a way. When these brooches made their first appearance at The Terminus Project Bazaar Markets last year (which consisted of sitting all day in a pub drinking beer and selling my wares) the response was pretty amazing. One gentleman actually bought one as a means of proposing to his girlfriend.

It sure does give one a warm and fuzzy feeling in ones stomach (a good feeling that is) knowing one can bring such simple joy to people!