Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Board By the Sea

Ah the things you can do with a piece of chalk and a Black Board Brooch. This brooch was purchased as a gift by a friend of my mothers (and mine) for her Aunty.  This Aunty happens to be an Artist and teaches at COFA, and according to a source (my good old mother), she goes down to the beach everyday (that could be a stretch) and sketches the landscape onto her brooch. 

Its amazing to see a piece of jewellery that I have created being used in such a way. When these brooches made their first appearance at The Terminus Project Bazaar Markets last year (which consisted of sitting all day in a pub drinking beer and selling my wares) the response was pretty amazing. One gentleman actually bought one as a means of proposing to his girlfriend.

It sure does give one a warm and fuzzy feeling in ones stomach (a good feeling that is) knowing one can bring such simple joy to people! 


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