Sunday, November 21, 2010

Catch me up.

So I guess apologies are in order, It seems it has been a little while between beers, sorry, posts.

Perhaps you might be interested in what's been going on.

A few great exhibitions:
Marked by Sonya Scott.

Some great publicity:

'Sterling by Gaffa' in Vogue Living - Nov/Dec 2010 - Page 66

'Sterling by Gaffa' in SMH - Essential section- Thursday 21st October.

Something random I did:

Guess thats all for now, hope you kids are all well and good, and make sure you check below for some more great guest posts.


- Z

Guest Blog (Karen Thompson aka Melbourne Jeweller)

I wish I could devote more time to making! I am working on a small group for Studio 20/17 'Un-Wrapped' week-long exhibition (just before Christmas). I've been experimenting with making frames, which I'll powdercoat and over which I'll wrap narrow woven panels of paper/silver. It's a small progression from previous work, and I like the focus a themed group exhibition provides. They're only in the development stage at this point, so I need to move them along quickly.
The most recent addition to my collection is a Katherine Bowman parti-colour sapphire and white gold 'celebration' ring. I've only had it for a few weeks and I am as excited as a giddy child about it - it's beautiful! It has a weight that is so pleasing to feel; and from the first day I put it on it felt like it belonged.
I also always wear a more linear diamond and white gold I commissioned from my teacher at the Goldsmiths School in Brisbane about a decade ago (it's #17 in my collection stories on my blog).

I've been reading non-fiction books about science recently ... sounds duller than it is actually! I've read 'Unweaving the Rainbow' in which I fell in love with the phrase about stars: "The sky was full of ghosts". And the diary of Sir Joseph Banks on the Endeavour; I'm not very far into it, but a few days ago he described a "lunar rainbow" which has inspired me. I find my imagination catches on to such turns of phrase to make lovely images in my mind.
For the near future, I'm excited about visiting graduate exhibitions and 'Returning to the Jewel is a return from exile' at Tarrawarra (with Robert Baines, Karl Fritsch, Gerd Rothmann).
And of course I enjoy blog-surfing, especially jewellery-related blogs: I have a long list of regularly visited blogs, and I like also looking for new ones.


A Huge THANK YOU to Karen from the very successful and amazing jewellery blog 'Melbourne Jeweller'. If you don't already know about this blog, where on earth have you been?!! Get on over there and check back there often, Karen is totally dedicated to her blog, unlike me of late. sorry.

Guest Blog (Michele Morcos)



Making -

I’m in the middle of many little projects at the moment. And I seem to be in the middle of many different studio areas too! After finishing a six -month studio residency at The Primrose Studios where I had a beautiful big studio to play in, I now seem to be struggling with settling back into my tiny studio at home! {M1 +M2} I call my home studio The Cobwebs + Laundry studio and I think the name should give you an indication of what the space is like!

It is cozy though…and I’m thinking/ reworking/ and playing with the sketches I did over the weekend, as part of a 2-day drawing workshop with the National Art School. {M3} Upstairs at my desk, I have an embroidery to complete for a commission. It is from a series called The Inquisitive Little Owl that I did for an exhibition at Gaffa called Le Fil. It’s lovely when a series of works take on a life of its own… and you get asked to do a commission, when a person is still thinking of a piece that they saw many moons ago! That’s always a treat! {M4}



Wearing –

For me colour is one of most important things!

To play with, to be creative with, to think in and dream about!

So I guess everything I wear tells a colour story of sorts and my jewellery plays a big part in that. Most of the jewellery that I have collected over the years, while working at places like Quadrivium and Object has been about fun, texture, and colour. Lovely artists like Anna Davern, Birgit Holdinghausen, Amy Jenkins, Stephanie Milne, Dani M, Sim Luttin + Leslie Matthews.

But one artist and friend that has featured heavily in my daily rotation of pieces is the lovely Mel Young, especially with her stack rings! {W1} I have about eight and counting… Every day I have at least one or more rings on my right hand, and they change every day. I also love to wear one of her thread neckpieces that I have in a beautiful red coral! That piece comes out for special occasions! {W2}

However I did make a sneaky purchase a few weeks ago at Gaffa’s gallery shop Sterling, where I bought a sewn neckpiece Phoebe Miller which I cant seem to stop wearing!!

It is purple + blue +maroon+ red and I love it!


Viewing –

A LOT! I seem to go in phases of seeing exhibitions, reading books and collecting art publications. And at the moment I’m doing all of the above! I just finished reading Haruki Murakami’s amazing book Kafka on the Shore’, which blew my away! I’ve now borrowed another one his books from my local library called Sputnik Sweetheart. I love going to the library and wandering the aisles when I have a free moment. I guess its alittle nostalgic, but it’s also about not having to take ownership of every single object in your life… I love borrowing, swapping, exchanging, bartering, + recycling.

But in saying that I have bought some lovely books lately! {V1} A massive Frank Auerbach hardcopy hardcore art book I’ve lusted over for many a year since my art school days over 10 years ago! I was so so happy when it arrived in the mailbox after finding it on Amazon! I also found a lovely new publication on Frida Kahlo, which looks at her sketch diaries. They were so textural, raw and colourful + inspiring, giving a true insight into her creative process and intuitive mind. She dealt with a crippling amount of set backs due to illness and continued to express it all through her art, which is something I try to do through my life.

And finally… for my birfday I bought myself a sneaky present, which was Shaun Tans new book of sketches, called The Bird King. He is such an amazing drawer/illustrator from Australia.

And as for seeing… bloody hell…too many great shows at the moment!

Primavera at the MCA, a great solo exhibition of a mate of mine - Kath Fries- who showed at The Japan Foundation this month, The Secrets + Stories exhibition at Object Gallery, Gaffa’s never-ending schedule of great exhibitions such as Say your Piece,{V2} which was a brooch exhibition curated by Jessica Page. And then there are all the great Art+ About events which have just begun around the city with many crafting sessions taking place which will be fun!

I have to admit the Sydney Biennale was a brilliant arts event this year, especially the exhibition out at Cockatoo Island! I loved seeing it all…

But most days you will find me at my computer writing my blog – tinytrappings – or in the studio thinking, dreaming, drawing + painting!…

So even though I’m gazing at a few shows at the moment, I’m mostly found in a tiny spot, listening some of my favourite music ( at the moment it’s a mix of Ezel, QTip, Dwele, Janelle Monae, Recloose + plenty of jazz) while I type or draw away…


I must thank the amazingly kind and supremely lovely Michele Morcos. You might again notice that this is a little late on getting to you guys. It's been stupidly crazy in the world of brand.

Also Michele has just launched her online shop, Tiny Trappings now you can snap up her beautiful artwork, christmas is coming!!