Sunday, November 21, 2010

Guest Blog (Karen Thompson aka Melbourne Jeweller)

I wish I could devote more time to making! I am working on a small group for Studio 20/17 'Un-Wrapped' week-long exhibition (just before Christmas). I've been experimenting with making frames, which I'll powdercoat and over which I'll wrap narrow woven panels of paper/silver. It's a small progression from previous work, and I like the focus a themed group exhibition provides. They're only in the development stage at this point, so I need to move them along quickly.
The most recent addition to my collection is a Katherine Bowman parti-colour sapphire and white gold 'celebration' ring. I've only had it for a few weeks and I am as excited as a giddy child about it - it's beautiful! It has a weight that is so pleasing to feel; and from the first day I put it on it felt like it belonged.
I also always wear a more linear diamond and white gold I commissioned from my teacher at the Goldsmiths School in Brisbane about a decade ago (it's #17 in my collection stories on my blog).

I've been reading non-fiction books about science recently ... sounds duller than it is actually! I've read 'Unweaving the Rainbow' in which I fell in love with the phrase about stars: "The sky was full of ghosts". And the diary of Sir Joseph Banks on the Endeavour; I'm not very far into it, but a few days ago he described a "lunar rainbow" which has inspired me. I find my imagination catches on to such turns of phrase to make lovely images in my mind.
For the near future, I'm excited about visiting graduate exhibitions and 'Returning to the Jewel is a return from exile' at Tarrawarra (with Robert Baines, Karl Fritsch, Gerd Rothmann).
And of course I enjoy blog-surfing, especially jewellery-related blogs: I have a long list of regularly visited blogs, and I like also looking for new ones.


A Huge THANK YOU to Karen from the very successful and amazing jewellery blog 'Melbourne Jeweller'. If you don't already know about this blog, where on earth have you been?!! Get on over there and check back there often, Karen is totally dedicated to her blog, unlike me of late. sorry.


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