Thursday, November 26, 2009


102 - "my other Brooch is a Ted Noten" - Outsourced materials/making (custom made badges bought through etsy)

Since I had no control over the making of these badges, just what was to be written on them, I was a little disappointed when I received them (all the way from the US of A) that they were not made very well. I wanted them to be so shiny and perfect, just like a Noten brooch, but alas they look a little rough around the edges (one is actually missing its plastic cover). On further consideration, i'm starting to embrace their faults, because they are nothing like a Noten brooch, and thats kind of the point.

Now these are in an Limited Edition off 11 and I'm willing to trade. What have you got worth one of these super collectable and desirable badges?

So, what do you say?

Just what I thought, you would love too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

For the Love of the Brooch

A few months ago I was approach by the lovely ladies from Studio 20/17 to curate a special satellite Christmas show for them. Feast, which is due to open in a little over 3 weeks (YIKES!) on the 20th Dec, has been a great experience and huge learning curve.

Invited participants include established and emerging jewellers from Australia and also a promising fresh crop of exciting and experimental works from New Zealander jewellers.

Two of these New Zealanders (Sharon Fitness & Lynsay Raine) have been keeping a close eye on my 365 project and in an inspired moment came up with a particularly nifty brooch idea.

"Here is a brooch that Sharon made today, after an exciting car, train, walk, bus, walk journey into work today. Inspired by the need to have your ticket ready for the transport people at every train stop. We thought you might like it."

Absolutely! Keep them coming!

I hope you are all enjoying this festive season, I've been cracking on with some pretty ugly christmas decorations as my material of choice, so look out soon for lots of gold and glittery brooches to come.

Cheers - Z

Sunday, November 22, 2009


101 - Reclaimed Material (Styrofoam packing bits) and Given Material (green wooden balls) and Bought findings.


100 - "only 265 more to go - better eat my sausages and eggs" - Bought Material (plastic food, from the super chef's play set) and bought finding.


99 - Reclaimed Material (small felt pom poms) and bought cameo finding.


98 - "an eraser - for when you need to erase things" - Reclaimed Material (sold as a 'toy' that you can put in DIY christmas crackers - "wow what did you get in your bonbon? an eraser?! COOL") and a bought finding.


97 - Reclaimed Material (cut from the cardboard packaging of christmas decorations) and Bought finding.


96 - Reclaimed Material (plastic cocktail things that sit on the edge of your cup) and a bought finding.


95 - Reclaimed Material (the cardboard bits left over when you punch out a hole - these ones came from rolls of christmas ribbon) and bought finding.


94 - "U-G-L-Y" - Found Material (orange plastic string), Epoxy Resin and bought finding.

NB. This is really really ugly.


93 - Found Material (piece of really beat up plastic - found while on a road trip with Albert and Mark) and bought finding (couldn't resist the gold)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


92 - "stay gold, ponyboy, stay white gold" - Bought Material (acrylic sign), Stainless Steel and Aluminum.


91 - "Homage to David Neale" - Bought Material (papermache reindeer (20cm)) and Stainless Steel

Sorry for all these weird homages - but sometimes one must tip ones hat in the direction of perfection.


90 - "Orange she lovely?" - Bought material (plastic fake fruit) and Cameo Finding


89 - "A homage to Maria Hees Circa 1978" - Bought Material (black plastic hair comb)


88 - Found Material (piece from a jigsaw puzzle found at the train station) and Bought finding


87 - Reclaimed Material (dish washing scourer) and Stainless Steel