Thursday, November 26, 2009


102 - "my other Brooch is a Ted Noten" - Outsourced materials/making (custom made badges bought through etsy)

Since I had no control over the making of these badges, just what was to be written on them, I was a little disappointed when I received them (all the way from the US of A) that they were not made very well. I wanted them to be so shiny and perfect, just like a Noten brooch, but alas they look a little rough around the edges (one is actually missing its plastic cover). On further consideration, i'm starting to embrace their faults, because they are nothing like a Noten brooch, and thats kind of the point.

Now these are in an Limited Edition off 11 and I'm willing to trade. What have you got worth one of these super collectable and desirable badges?

So, what do you say?

Just what I thought, you would love too.


**** said...

Wow Zoe, I WISH I'd thought of this; brilliant. I bet Ted himself would LOVE them too, you should contact him. I'd love to have one; would you consider swapping for a clutch of brooch cocoons? Incubate your own jewellery! See my Willing host photos on kit and caboodle...
Sarah Read

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