Wednesday, August 18, 2010


maker: brooch.
"Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may follow strong drink " (Isaiah 5:11)
materials: rubber stoppers sourced from empty grolsch beer bottles and stainless steel

viewer: Vicki Mason's Broaching change project

Hidden Facets.

Hidden Facets.
keeper gallery.
12th - 24th August 2010.

first and last.

first and last.
keeper gallery.
29th July - 10th August 2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Green D 27

strangely the only photo I snapped whilst away. weird.

Melbourne, some might say Australia's contemporary jewellery capital, others, may not. Either way it so happened that last week I managed to escape the world of gaffa/sydney/keeper and headed south for a little time out and some jewellery nerd excursions.

First stop - A studio visit to see/meet Natalia Milosz-Piekarska and Karla Way. These ladies know how to rock a studio. Thanks for having me and good luck with the show preparations.

Next stop, Craft Vic, Studio Ingot, Gallery Funaki, and finally to the Ian Potter Centre to see the amazing work of the late Mari Funaki.

Believe me, it wasn't all beer and skittles, there was pizza and cocktails too.

However the main reason for my trip down south was to attend a jewellery symposium (*cough*nerd*cough*). you bet.

If you want to actually know what the papers were about and what other lovely jewellers thought, you're best off going here (Melbourne Jeweller) and here ( Melissa Cameron).

I, on the other hand, am unsure what I could tell you about the day, tend to have a different approach to taking notes and remembering things. It's not a straight up science, more catch phrases, words and nuances that are left marked on my pages. Ideas and concepts that seemed to resinate with me, that made me nod my head in an appreciating silence. I collect words. They aren't special words. They contain all the meaning they need (for me) without the use for other words. Sometimes, however, they gain strength when combined into a small bunch.

I walk.
recovering - recovering.
art with a punch line.
jewellery way of seeing.

can contemporary jewellery save the world? does it need to? would anybody care? does any body care?

can you be maker, wearer and viewer? do you have to chose? which one would you give up?

I left Melbourne perplexed, concerned and a little disheartened. This trip wasn't the pep talked I so desperately wanted, it wasn't the cute boy asking me to meet him behind the shed after school, and it most certainly wasn't a triumphant mastering of a Croquembouche.

Now it seems I have more questions, more worries and more thoughts about the world of contemporary jewellery, but those I guess you'll hear another day.