Monday, June 29, 2009


26/06/09 - A glasses lens from an old pair of glasses, bought 925 silver chain and 925 silver wire


 25/06/09 - A plastic horse from a christmas cracker, Rubber used in the building industry and 925 silver


24/06/09 - "$10 Silver" - Bank plastic change bag, approx $10 worth of 925 silver and stainless steel

Friday, June 26, 2009

a brief interruption

More brooches coming soon I promise! 

In the mean time you will just have to cope with my little bit of excitement (jumping up and down on the couch excited) for a Saturday morning. You know its going to be a good day when you open up your e-mail and what should be waiting very patiently to be perused at great length, but my beloved Klimt02 newsletter (yes, I am a complete nerd). As I scrolled through the list of tasty treats, I came upon the Studio 20/17 Winter Brooches Exhibition (which they had asked me to write very briefly about my view on the roll of the 'Brooch' in contemporary society, oh and to 'keep it light'). Needless to say the build up of anticipation while waiting those few minutes for the link to load (damn internet capping) was well worth it. I took my time inspecting the few images of the represented artists, just to savor the moment before getting to the bottom of the page. There it was in all its glory, my little piece of writing (NB. this was my first piece of commissioned writing, so surely Im allowed a little bit of self love?!) with my name attached to the end; Zoe Brand (Contemporary Jeweller, Writer).  Well to tell you the truth, I'm not sure I would actually call myself either of those things, but I guess it doesn't hurt to occasionally talk yourself up. ha! 

So please feel free to have a look see (Click Here) and/or come and visit me at work (Studio 20/17) on Sunday the 28th to view excellent Winter Brooch show! 

Monday, June 22, 2009


23/06/09 - Given and Collect Material (Aluminum Squares (given by a friend who worked in a commercial curtain factory)) & bought gold plated cameo brooch back/pins


22/06/09 - 'brooch' drawn onto shirt with a piece of chalk


21/06/09 - "HUGE RANGE, GREAT PRICES' - Collected Material (Prouds - The Jewellers Sale Catalogue), Binding wire and Stainless Steel.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


20/06/09 - DYMO tape


19/06/09 - Found Object (one of the many discarded/crushed/rusted bottle tops I have a collected along the way) and a bought finding.


18/06/09 - 'SOLD' - (found 'sale' sign from my place of employment) with a magnet and steel disk as fastening.  


17/06/09 - Reclaimed Material ( Plastic washers that come between magnets (the super super strong ones)) and Stainless Steel

Thursday, June 18, 2009


16/06/09 - 'Bang Bang' - Found Object (fake grass) and Stainless Steel

Monday, June 15, 2009


15/06/09 - Found Object (Cap Gun Cartridges, what do you suppose happened to the other rounds?) and Stainless Steel.


14/06/09 - Found Material (some sort of poly/rubber used in the building industry) and one side of the Velcro machine.  


13/06/09 - Taken Material (Plastic leaf 'taken' from the bath room at GAFFA gallery on the day I moved out of the studios) and Stainless Steel 


12/06/09 - Reclaimed Material (a scrap of Marimekko fabric) and Stainless Steel

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


11/06/09 - Dodgy 'Scotch Bright' bought from Aldi fashioned into a speech bubble and Stainless Steel 


10/06/09 - Found Material (stiff and meshlike fabric, previously used to wrap a present I once received) and Stainless Steel 


09/06/09 - 'Annies Shoes' - Shoelace cut from a pair of very expensive shoes (given freely by Annie who runs a shoe shop across the way from my place of work) and Stainless Steel. 

Monday, June 8, 2009


08/06/09 - Found Object (plastic bubble blower) and Stainless Steel 


07/06/09 - Found Material (polypropylene 'orange' fruit bag) and bought finding 


06/06/09 - 'Fresh & Fruity' - Word cut from a Birthday Card (given by my parents, of an artwork by Robert Mcpherson) and Stainless Steel 


  05/06/09 - Found Object (plastic press studs) and Stainless Steel

Thursday, June 4, 2009


04/06/09 - Found material (plastic EFTPOS rolls from a standard Commonwealth Bank Retail EFTPOS machine), stainless steel wire


03/06/09 - Stainless steel wire


002 - 'Joan's Balls' - Found object (clear plastic spheres), twine, bought findings

Monday, June 1, 2009

365 Brooches

01/06/09 - Found material (rusted metal) & stainless steel

Day one of my new project - 365 Brooches. 

Inspired by a few crafty people I've decided to produce my own '365 project', as you may have guessed, the outcome will be a brooch a day for one year! I am yet to decide if I will place some restrictions on the project i.e. only make brooches out of red materials for a week or just make it a free for all, either way this will be a full-on project. I'm pretty excited, this is going to be one huge challenge and it's really going test my staying power. 

I will probably create yet another blog to document the progress and post some images every few days, so check back to see how it all starts to ebb and flow.