Monday, June 1, 2009

365 Brooches

01/06/09 - Found material (rusted metal) & stainless steel

Day one of my new project - 365 Brooches. 

Inspired by a few crafty people I've decided to produce my own '365 project', as you may have guessed, the outcome will be a brooch a day for one year! I am yet to decide if I will place some restrictions on the project i.e. only make brooches out of red materials for a week or just make it a free for all, either way this will be a full-on project. I'm pretty excited, this is going to be one huge challenge and it's really going test my staying power. 

I will probably create yet another blog to document the progress and post some images every few days, so check back to see how it all starts to ebb and flow.


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