Friday, June 26, 2009

a brief interruption

More brooches coming soon I promise! 

In the mean time you will just have to cope with my little bit of excitement (jumping up and down on the couch excited) for a Saturday morning. You know its going to be a good day when you open up your e-mail and what should be waiting very patiently to be perused at great length, but my beloved Klimt02 newsletter (yes, I am a complete nerd). As I scrolled through the list of tasty treats, I came upon the Studio 20/17 Winter Brooches Exhibition (which they had asked me to write very briefly about my view on the roll of the 'Brooch' in contemporary society, oh and to 'keep it light'). Needless to say the build up of anticipation while waiting those few minutes for the link to load (damn internet capping) was well worth it. I took my time inspecting the few images of the represented artists, just to savor the moment before getting to the bottom of the page. There it was in all its glory, my little piece of writing (NB. this was my first piece of commissioned writing, so surely Im allowed a little bit of self love?!) with my name attached to the end; Zoe Brand (Contemporary Jeweller, Writer).  Well to tell you the truth, I'm not sure I would actually call myself either of those things, but I guess it doesn't hurt to occasionally talk yourself up. ha! 

So please feel free to have a look see (Click Here) and/or come and visit me at work (Studio 20/17) on Sunday the 28th to view excellent Winter Brooch show! 


Melinda Young said...

Nice one!

Unknown said...

Totally behind the times! but wow!!! well done Zo!

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