Monday, July 27, 2009


23/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (plastic skeleton from fake grapes) and Aluminum Rod  


22/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (large novelty fridge magnets from a $2 store) and magnets 


21/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (gardening glove) and Stainless Steel  


20/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (Hot Glue Gun Sticks) and Stainless Steel

Sunday, July 26, 2009


19/07/09 'honey honey' - Reclaimed Material (Stirrer used for honey), Stainless Steel and Bought Catch


18/07/09 "Not Today" - Reclaimed Material (cork coster), Drawing pin, Paper and Bought Finding


17/07/09 - 'Feed the Birds'  - Found Material (Bread Tags) and Bought findings


16/07/09 - Reclaimed Material ( Plastic Grapes) and Stainless Steel 


15/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (rubber coated wire) and Stainless Steel


14/07/09 - Reclaimed Material ( Jigsaw Blades) and Bought Finding 


13/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (fish tank decoration) and Stainless Steel  

Monday, July 13, 2009

comments, constraints and contributions

I do love some good old fashioned maker/wearer/viewer interaction when it comes to jewellery, and quite frankly I feel this project is lacking just a little in that department.  

So, I have decided to request a few things from you, the viewer.

1) Don't be shy! If you like something, if you don't or even if you think it could have been better, comment. These are just initial ideas/sketches so feel free add some of your own thoughts or questions about the brooches.  

2) I do enjoy a challenge! I welcome you to suggest some constraints that you think might spice things up a bit, or really push the boundaries of what you think a brooch can be. (ie. make a brooch a day for a period of a week out of only red objects/materials) Clearly something a bit more exciting than that would be appreciated, go wild (within reason)!

3) Who doesn't love receiving things in the post? If you feel like gifting me some material that you think I might be able to make a brooch out of, go ahead, I would be rather appreciative. If I can, I will try and make a brooch for you in return (out of your gifted material).

Drop me a line if you want to contribute or add some constraints, other wise just chat amongst yourselves!

cheers - Z

Sunday, July 12, 2009


12/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (black electrical tape) and Stainless Steel 


11/07/09 - "615 King St" - Thieved material (Aluminum numbers 'taken' from a new building on King St. This seemed like a good idea at the time (on my way home from a great night out) in hindsight, not really sure what I was thinking....)  


10/07/09 - Reclaimed material (luminous yellow cable ties), Glue and a bought finding


09/07/09 - "Mourning Jewellery for MJ" - threads taken from a while glove, red thread and a stainless steel needle 

Thursday, July 9, 2009


08/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (Boarding Pass from our flight down to Melbourne, which I had in my pocket and subconsciously fiddled with all day (esp. when talking to Warwick Freeman (insert school girl giggle here) at his opening at Gallery Funaki), half a Plastic Sphere and a bought finding.  


07/07/09 - Found Object (found on Gertrude St (oh how i love thee) in Melbourne on our amazing one day jewellery bonanza trip)


06/07/09 - Found Object (brass chain), glue, and plastic toy fly

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


05/07/09 - Found Material (the household wooden peg dissected) aluminum sleeves and stainless steel wire  


04/07/09 - Found Material (end of a ribbon spindle, a stopper from a glass science beaker and stainless steel)


03/07/09 - Given Material (faulty stock of fabulous gold labels saved from the unfortunate fate of the garbage bin, given by Zoe O'D)  and bought findings


 02/07/09 - '500 Brooches' - A Lark Jewelry Book (500 brooches) and bought finding 


01/07/09 - Reclaimed material (Broken plate) aluminum and stainless steel 

Thursday, July 2, 2009


30/06/09 - a broken piece from my of my favorite dinner plates, aluminum and stainless steel 


29/06/09 - "just another brick in the wall" - Sublimated aluminum, aluminum and bought finding


28/06/09 - one side of a plastic container that housed an intel chip from my flat mates new computer and a bought cameo finding 


27/06/09 - 'The end of Oppi" - (made from the end pages of Jewelry Concepts & Technology by Oppi Untracht (rip) and stainless steel and polypropylene