Monday, July 13, 2009

comments, constraints and contributions

I do love some good old fashioned maker/wearer/viewer interaction when it comes to jewellery, and quite frankly I feel this project is lacking just a little in that department.  

So, I have decided to request a few things from you, the viewer.

1) Don't be shy! If you like something, if you don't or even if you think it could have been better, comment. These are just initial ideas/sketches so feel free add some of your own thoughts or questions about the brooches.  

2) I do enjoy a challenge! I welcome you to suggest some constraints that you think might spice things up a bit, or really push the boundaries of what you think a brooch can be. (ie. make a brooch a day for a period of a week out of only red objects/materials) Clearly something a bit more exciting than that would be appreciated, go wild (within reason)!

3) Who doesn't love receiving things in the post? If you feel like gifting me some material that you think I might be able to make a brooch out of, go ahead, I would be rather appreciative. If I can, I will try and make a brooch for you in return (out of your gifted material).

Drop me a line if you want to contribute or add some constraints, other wise just chat amongst yourselves!

cheers - Z


Zoe Brand said...

made you look!

Don't be afraid, I could really do with your help!

post a comment, make a constraint or contribute some crazy material!

- Z

Melinda Young said...

Want some pink thread? I have quite a lot of it...

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe

I don't dislike green as a rule, for there are some very beautiful shades; but I usually have an unfavourable reaction to green jewellery ... So, this may be horribly unfair, but maybe sometime in the next few months you could make a piece that would make me love green jewellery?!

Do you like green in jewellery?
Happy making!

David Neale said...

Hi Zoe,
great project- the massiveness and discipline of it!
We'd all be interested to know whats on your mind now;
some ongoing self-critique...
What are your feelings about the project so far?
whats the hardest thing about it? what are the pitfalls, temptations and happy moments?
Has it sharpened your making/ improvisational skillz?
do you have a general strategy?
are you ramping up to an "ultimate brooch" for #365?
are fri brooches better than mon brooches?
(i would love to see a graph of that, based on your own evaluation. sounds absurd but it'd be funny. maybe you have optimal working time afterall...)
when do you stop intervening with the material / when is a piece 'done'?
what is it that you love about bricolage?

( also is it possible to post all pics on one page for an easier group viewing?)

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