Sunday, July 26, 2009


13/07/09 - Reclaimed Material (fish tank decoration) and Stainless Steel  


Ketan said...

Hi Zoe!

I was just blog-hopping and encountered yours! I liked this particular work of yours. Excuse me, but I'm not at all into jewellery except for if a very plain-looking wrist watch, which has almost all the numbers embedded in the dial counts! So for some of the works I simply couldn't figure, how to use them. This particular one, I presume could be used as a bracelet.

But on the whole, I found your ideas very innovative and aesthetic at the same time.

I can't promise visiting your blog too often as jewellery is not my thing, but would definitely come back if and when you reply.

Keep up the good work!

Take care.

Ketan said...

Sorry Zoe, when I'd made above comment, I didn't know the meaning of 'brooch'. Now that I've looked it up its meaning, a major portion of my comment becomes irrelevant. :)

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