Wednesday, October 7, 2009


86 - Given Material (once again from the awesome kristin - i love receiving new materials (hint hint) - plastic tray from a chocolate container) and Stainless steel and Aluminum. 


85 - Given Material (painted wooded balls in the best green in the world - Thanks again kristin) and bought finding 

ps. there will be more little green ball brooches to come - they just haven't been finished - man I LOVE THIS GREEN!


84 - A Homage to M. Young - Given Material (plastic strand of pearl pink beads from the very lovely Kristin D'Agostino, as well as another strand of wood? beads from my grandmother) and stainless steel 


83 - Bought Material (plastic blue fly swat), stainless steel and aluminum


82 - Given Material (plastic spool given to me by my mother "Zoe could do something with that" - sorry it wasn't more inventive) and stainless steel


81 - Taken Material (plastic bits that go in the bottom of glass vases) and bought finding