Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh frankie!

Last night when I got home from attending to my civic duty (Jury Service) I had a lovely surprise in my Inbox. Jo, the editor of frankie magazine had seen my black board brooches on NOISE (another one of those sites that I have a profile on) and is keen to feature them in the magazine. Needless to say I fixed myself a drink and the danced all around the room squealing like a school girl who just made it onto the cheer squad!! 

So now i've got to get my ass into gear, get them into shops and perhaps get myself a shopfront on Etsy. As well as workout my packaging, branding and the ultimate question; how much will they cost?! And all in the next few of weeks if i want to get them into the next issue of the mag. 

I can hear the cracking of the whip now! 


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