Monday, January 26, 2009

A thin white line

Before i begin this post - i just want to say how hard it is to photograph an arm - let alone your own arm - so apologies for the very uninteresting image. 

I believe an explanation maybe in order.  At the beginning of last year my friend gave me a red cord band to wear (i believe it is tradition if it is your chinese year - mine being the rat - that you should wear red everyday for good luck - and doubly lucky if someone gifts this said red item to you). So i wore this band everyday for a year, never took it off and was constantly asked if i was into Kabbalah, to which my answer was 'no, its my chinese year of the rat... la de da da' you get the picture. 

Now last year wasn't a super great year for me, and i have heard many people say the same thing. And whether this band protected me from having a worse year, i will never know, but it was an interesting exercise none the less. I had this thing where i couldn't bring myself to wear bracelets because of this band, somehow i thought it would look silly or weird. I think perhaps on reflection it might have just been me being silly and weird.

So just a few days ago, when the new Chinese New Year (the ox) was being rung in, it was time for me to take off my band and leave the past year behind. Now I must add that I have rather pale looking skin, not one to tan, more coconut ice, pink and white, but i was left with a very intense tan line from where the band use to be (see image).  This tan line is now like a ghost of what was there before, a very subtle reminder not to instantly forget the things that happened last year but to let them go gradually, as this fine white line on my wrist slowly fades away.

As a final note, I am very excited to be able to wear my bracelets again, my Liana Kabel blue knitting needle joy is finally getting its day in the sun! 


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