Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Rocking Year!

Welcome to a new super duper year! 

This blog aims to track my movements as a maker, wearer and viewer of all things jewelley. 

Today I did my bit as a maker. I participated in a craft market at Kinokuniya Book Store in the Galleries Victoria. It was a very slow day - not at all what i was expecting. 

The jewellery that I have been making of late has been made from books pertaining to jewellery, or for want of a better description - paper jewellery. It appears that while the idea was a complete success - the object died of material failure. It seems there maybe a fear of paper or 'fragile' materials in jewellery, to say that it won't last long or forever seems a bit of a pitfall when it comes to selling to the general public. 

It may have been the wrong audience, i.e not an 'art crowd' i.e not an adventurous/confident crowd , but I would love to be able to bring more interesting and affordable jewellery to the masses. But I will now get down off my high and mighty horse and thank a nineteen year old boy call Joshua Crowley who, with his three little books (Life, Love and Death) was the highlight of my day!!  


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