Monday, September 27, 2010

Maker - Wearer - Viewer - Naomi Stewart (Guest Blog Post)


Naomi Stewart, cry-santhemum neckpieces, 2010, sterling silver

The latest thing to come off my bench was a pair of small sterling silver earrings made on commission (my first “real” commission!). Over the last few months I have been working on a range of delicate hand-carved and cast sterling silver pieces, and the earrings were to accompany a blackened silver necklace I had made previously.


Favorite earrings: Unknown maker, ceramic, sterling silver

Today I am wearing a pair of earrings borrowed from my darling older sister. They are fairly simple oval drops: white ceramic (I think), with beautiful red detailing that is reminiscent of Japanese kimono fabric. I adore these earrings, and am not sure whether my sister will ever get them back!


Kitty Kantilla, Untitled, 2001, natural earth pigments on canvas, 96 x 86cm
(photo courtesy of Sotheby’s catalogue, Sydney 2003)

Since April I have been working (unexpectedly) in an environment surrounded by contemporary Indigenous Australian art. I can happily acknowledge that I was completely ignorant of the deeply moving works in painting, sculpture and prints that are emerging (and have been emerging for a long time) from the remote Aboriginal communities of Australia. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to learn about the art and to hear the stories of the artists behind the works - both have been a source of inspiration that I am only just beginning to appreciate.


Thanks Naomi, and good luck with your show 'Cast Off' which opens next week.

CAST OFF: contemporary jewellery exhibition

22 contemporary jewellers from Australia 
and New Zealand explore traditional and 
non-traditional casting techniques
in this exhibition of recent work. 
7 - 19 October 2010  
Keeper Gallery @ gaffa


kendal croix. said...

those necklaces are just so perfect.

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