Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maker-Wearer-Viewer- Katherine Bowman (Guest Blog)

Making - I have just finished a body of work for an exhibition that I had with jeweller Vikki Kassioras, and that took up a lot of my time. The work that I made for this show were paintings, all on paper. I am now back at the bench and am concentrating on my production jewellery range. When I say production, it is really very small runs of 'one off' series of work.

Wearing- I wear jewellery everyday, mostly rotating a number of pieces that I love. I don't feel quite 'right' if I am not wearing at least one of the pieces that I have taken a picture of. At the moment my favourite earrings are hoops made by Anna Clynes. If I am not wearing these I wear these gold studs I made about 5 years ago. I always wear a ring, the one pictured is my favourite, I made it to celebrate my 40th birthday last year. Turquoise is my favourite stone, this necklace I brought from a Tibetan shop in Melbourne 20 years ago.The bracelet is made up of agate beads.

Viewing- I read a lot, and look at pictures a lot. The older I get I seem to look more than read, and I tend to read and look at a number of things at once. If I am reading a novel, I do that properly and read it from start to finish. I think that that is why I love reading poetry, as I can pick it up and read randomly. At the moment this is my stack of books that I am reading and looking at. Poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, Anne Carson and Mary Oliver. A novel by Andrew McGahan, Wonders Of A Godless World. The Miracle Of Mindfulness, by Thich Nhat Hanh I am re reading. And looking at Etcetera by Sibella Court and Medieval Jewellery by Marian Campbell (which I am reading/looking)

I look at my dog Milly a lot. I think that she is the cutest dog that I have ever seen. She has recently had a big operation on her back leg, so I am sort of obsessively look at her going, I think the operation worked/ I think that she is limping etc. I also listen to a lot of music. My favourites at the moment are Coles Corner and Truelove's Gutter, by Richard Hawley, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle by Bill Callahan and anything by the Ethiopiques.


Thanks so much Katherine, what a tops post. To see more of what Katherine likes to look at visit her blog.


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