Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maker-Wearer-Viewer-Melissa Cameron (Guest Blog)

Melissa Cameron The Maker - I'm working on some pieces to enter into Schmuck this year, which are being made out of this tin. I don't have progress shots at the moment, but so far both sides have been cut into patterns and are separated into in two neat piles (with the remainder of the tin on top) on the side of my desk in my studio. Once I've had a play with all the bits I'll make my final decision on what they will all become. At this stage I know it's four jewellery works-in-waiting.

Front and Back images of a sandblasted recycled cigarette tin - probably gilding metal.

Melissa Cameron The Wearer - I have on my engagement rings (pictured) and wedding band all by Perth jeweller Gillian Rainer. I also always wear a ring that I had made for my 21st birthday, which includes diamonds from my great-grandmother that were passed down through my nan to my mum when I was born. Finally, I also am wearing a pendant that I made as part of my MFA research, which I gave, at the time, the lofty title of Black Planar Cross. When I displayed it in my examination exhibition it was strung differently, with an extra link, and on white thread. After making a few more pieces in a similar format, I realised that it didn't need to be so complex, so I restrung it and have been wearing it ever since. (And that's why it looks so... well, careworn.)

Engagement rings, Gillian Rainer, 2005. 18 carat white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, diamonds.

BlackPlanarCross - pendant, Melissa Cameron, 2009 (5cm x 5cm x .5cm). Blackened + sandblasted mild steel, silk thread.

Melissa Cameron The Viewer - The last show I saw just happened to be jewellery! How about that? It was Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me featuring Natalia Milosz-Piekarskaand Karla Way at Craft Victoria, which was last Thursday. I'm planning on heading out this afternoon to see Helen Dilkes's works in a show titledRe-visions: new art from old at RMIT's First Site Gallery which opened yesterday. Helen is a current MA student in RMIT's gold and silversmithing department. A brief glance at my bedside table tells me I'm reading Martin Kemp's Leonardo da Vinci: the marvellous works of nature and man, but since I spend my mornings on the computer, you're more likely to find me enthusing about a blog I read recently than anything else. So here's a few I got through this morning. Letters of Note - Shaun Usher posts a new letter that he thinks should have a wider audience, every weekday. Amy Tavern - a jeweller and educator based in America. Ponoko Blog - A geeky blog for laser-cutting and other digital technologies enthusiasts. Today what caught my eye was an article on United Nudeshoes. [While I don't generally wear heels, I do have two pairs of UN's Möbius shoes. I loved the first pair dearly, so I got a second to wear when I got married ;) And yes, they are based on the Möbius Strip.] Ordinai Observations - Inari Kiuru's blog, (a jeweller and graphic artist based in Melbourne) with beautiful images and her poetic musings. Mary Hackett - Another jeweller currently doing her MA at RMIT.and of course Melbourne Jeweller - Karen Thompson's blog about all things jewellery

Thanks Melissa for the great post. If you would like to know more about Melissa Cameron head to her blog.


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