Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Now I thought you kids might like to see where the 'magic' happens, the places/spaces/benches where I create/blog/procrastinate/cut/print/file/emmery/drink tea/ponder/glue...etc. 
1. This is my desk a home, the old family dining table - works a treat, I like to pile up books and dump stuff on it which means I don't often see much of its pretty green surface. 

2. This is my super duper $20 home made bench (thanks richard), in my super small laundry, in my not so large apartment. But you know what, it does its job, so who's to complain. 

3. This is my shared bench at gaffa with my awesome pal Sonya Scott (she's one talented little lady), now at this present time, our bench doesn't quite look like this. I may have taken this photo way back when, and Miss Scott hadn't actually moved in then, but you get the idea. At the moment, its actually much tidier and prettier than when I had the bench to myself, so perhaps i'll get organised and post a new photo real soon.

well how was that? not to painful and boring? excellent! until next time - cheers!


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