Monday, May 11, 2009

Who? What? Gaffa?

The Amazing Gaffa Book!

The Wonderful Melinda Young!

The Delightful Lisa Furno!

And... Cunning Brand

Last Thursday night saw the launch of the awesome gaffa book. gaffa Gallery is an ARI (Artist Run Initiative) and is located in Surry Hills, Sydney. They have studio space out the back that houses a great group of Contemporary Jewellers (including yours truly). gaffa has been running for a few years now, so what better way to celebrate and document the achievements of the gallery than with a book! It is one sweet looking book, full of super great images and bios of the residing studio residence as well as great documentation of all the exhibitions they have held since their inception. So if you keen to grab yourselves a copy (and I know you are) just drop me a line and I can put you into contact with the Lovely Miss Kelly (co-director of gaffa) and she can sort you right out!! 


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