Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello little girl... what would you like to be when you grow up???

So I have been doing a lot of thinking of late, the main focus of that thinking is - what do I want to be when I grow up? I've just graduated in Jewellery and Object Design, but fear I don't have nearly enough skills to call myself a Jeweller and/or a Designer (I will, but will continue to feel slightly uncomfortable with the notion). What did I do for the last 3 years? What did I learn at that school of mine? These questions have been plaguing my sober thoughts for a few months now! My only reasonable response: I HAVE NO IDEA! I would like to add a side note here - I do not hold any institution accountable for my lack of  'pushing ones self ability' and accept that it was all of my own un/doing! 

I may have spent many nights out drinking and having a good old time, I may have decided to start my assignments the night before they were due, and I may have spent almost all my available workshop time distracting other students and generally getting up to no good. Apparently thats 'Art School' - but now in my slightly more mature years (4 months in the real world) I have come to realize that life is not all beer and skittles (oh but how I wish it was). I like to think I live by the motto 'no regrets' - but i've had a few, and not pushing myself and learning all a can when I had the chance, is possibly on the top of my relativity shot list.  

So today, I wrote a list, a glimpse into the future if you will, of the things I want to accomplish when I grow up. Its a pretty good list if I do say so myself, now as much as I would love to share with you, my patient and supportive audience, I think I might just keep it under-wraps for the time being. Well at least till I knock a few things off it, to prove to myself that I didn't waste all my time at 'art school' having fun, and that maybe just a few of the important facts/lessons may have seeped in by osmosis. You never know your luck in the big city!


Kez said...
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Kez said...

Hm... I feel the same way and I've been in uni for the last 11 years (!)
But sometimes it feels that way when in fact you have achieved more than you think you have. "The wisest man is he who knows that he knows nothing" yes?
Oh and I'd love to see your list :-)

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