Monday, August 8, 2011

oh so fresh.

ok so my photoshopping skills aren't too crash hot, but yeah you get the idea.
I must admit it feels good to be making something new and FRESH!


Some context perhaps?

So, my Grandmother was a hoarder. I don't think she ever got rid of anything. A little while ago we had to sort through her house, her life, and remove everything.

This was not a cathartic experience.

It was intense and emotional and still gives me panic attacks thinking about all the stuff we had to throw out, and not to mention all the stuff we kept. My mother and I have boxes of jewellery, fabric, buttons, paper punches, paper bags, books, fake leaves, single earrings, as well as furniture, crockery and heavy memories.

This is how I'm going to work through these feelings:

For my 21st Birthday my Grandmother gave me 21 gifts of jewellery.
For her 82nd birthday I would like to gift back 82 pieces of jewellery.
Constructed from all the items I have salvaged from her home,
or from items she had gifted me to me over the years.
The above pieces have been made from paper bags.
Some bags still have their receipts in them, others I can only guess age/origin.
These bags are in pristine condition, having been piled up and stored for over 25 years.

I hope this will be a cathartic experience.


Unknown said...

Just amazing Zoe. Beautiful work and what a wonderful idea. Good luck!

Nicola Louise Reed said...

Such a lovely idea!

Anneliese Hauptstein said...

I think all hoarders dream of projects such as this. What a great gift!

Alison said...

These are lovely Zoe

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