Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guest Post (Raewyn Walsh)

Still exploring my interest in the vessel as jewellery. Here I have raised a vessel from thin gauge copper and where it has split I have mended it with gold. Decided to use only the rim of the vessel because its function is not intended to hold liquid. Handles become device for cord to hang from. This is play time for me but I always find the marquette making part of the process quite interesting so thought I would share.

A 10 minute necklace by Sharon Fitness that is quite hard to photograph. I am part of a jewellery group that gets together to talk jewel, organise shows, and engage in guerilla jewellery activity around town. (See more here.) To celebrate each others birthdays we drink lots of wine, lashings of tea, and and give jewellery that only takes 10 minutes to make and that uses the scraps from our workbenches. It was my birthday recently and this is what I got. Thanks Fitness!

Viewing (Reading)
The essays from European craft initiative, Think Tank. Every time they get together they have an essay and exhibition prepared around a theme. 'Speed' is the most interesting one. Masterworks Gallery here in Auckland has all the books for sale and recently hosted a floor talk by NZ potter/curator/writer Moyra Elliot who sat in on this years meeting. Great to read some critical craft discourse but it is Euro-centric and really highlights the need for more contemporary craft writers round these parts...


Now, if you didn't already know, Raewyn is one part of the Amazing NZ Duo (Kristin D'Agostino being the other) who put together Touch Pause Engage . She is also one of my favorite people to talk jewellery with (yes we are self-professed geeks), sometimes I think I would want to climb inside her head, set up a hammock, grab a beer and just absorb her brain waves all day.

If you know what's good for you, you will head along to her website here.

Thanks a bunch Raewyn!!!

Cheers - Z


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