Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Post (Nina Baker)

Street Sweeper Jewellery:

The first 7 finished pieces exhibited at gaffa

More pieces in the making on my bench

Is about collecting street sweeper bristles that are scattered all over the cities kerb sides. So far I have made 7 finished pieces. I must make 50 to finish the series. A wise Tutor once taught me- that to make 50 variations will make your brain hurt and suck out enough useful possibilities, then pick your favourite and make another 20 variations...maybe, maybe I wont do that hmm. So far It has been a bit of play, I want to give the project more depth and make clearer my observations which are:
1.Its quite ironic and funny to be picking up the debris and garbage that the city's cleaning device leaves behind
2.To bring such rubbish into the jewellery realm juxtaposed with pearl and silk.
3.What Is Rubbish / What is Beautiful...
4.Because after all pearl is oyster spit and silk is worm poop.
Finally, I think there is a possibility for this work to fit really nicely with an outside public installation project "To put it back to were it came" I don't know how to approach this yet- I'm all ears please let me know if you have any ideas on how this could work!

today I am wearing two humble shonky novelty elastic bands I found on different streets on the same day, a purple crown and a glow in the dark boat. I swear I'm not a bag lady! I don't find all my jewellery on the street, really!
Found Bracelets

Me wearing my wares, brooch plywood with paint.

And Also this wooden Brooch(not found on the street) sometimes I make these at home just for fun, to get away from thinking conceptual studio work.

New Works by Rui Kikuchi (Japan) was the last show I went to at Studio 20/17

Rui Kikuchi (photo via 20/17 blog)

This was a really beautiful fun show, Rui had taken pet bottles and dyed and formed them into wearables that resemble sea corals, anemones and the like, very colourful, delicate and beautiful. Meeting Rui was great and we had a good old chat and two days later we crossed paths again at the cafe I work at which was all very friendly and excellent.


Thanks Miss Baker for a great post. If you want to know more about Nina and her adventure fun times and recent activities visit her on her goodtimes blog.

Cheers - Z


Anonymous said...

Hey Nina, I saw your show last week at gaffa, and have an idea for you.

The city of Sydney public art program is looking for artists to install laneway art later on this year.
I just did a stint with them and they are really cool to work for.

email me and I can send you more info.

I love your scrounging style.

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