Monday, August 24, 2009


28/08/09 - 'with the weight of the world on its shoulders' - Reclaimed Material (Toy from a christmas cracker), Found Material (wire from a Champagne bottle) and bought finding.  

Just a few notes:

I want to thank two lovely ladies for pimping me on their blogs, firstly I want to thank Karen from the wonderful blog Melbourne Jeweller, not only has she mentioned this project on many occasions but has me madly thinking about making brooches out of green coloured material. Now every time I step into a 'variety' store my eyes keep wondering to all the green things. 

Secondly I want to thank Kristin from Curiouser & Curiouser as well as the super awesome Broach of the month club, I love this idea so much I think I need to start a club of my own. Kristin has promised to send me a box of random material goodies all the way from NZ (ok, so it's not the far) so that we can do a bit of materials exchange and make a brooch for each other. YAY!

I also want to thank David Neale (check out his uber sexy blog THE GOLDEN SMITH) for taking the time out to ask me a million and one questions. I've been thinking, thinking, thinking about each and every one of them, taking the time to drink them in and letting them linger for a while before I put anything down in writing. So stay tuned. 


Anonymous said...

It's a pleasure Zoe!

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