Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 3 - So, this is going well....

This was the view from my kitchen window this morning, when I had intended to post..... 

It looks a bit more like this now. 

Day 3 - So yeah, this is going well. whoops! 

Ok so where did I leave of yesterday?! Thats right nattering about places I visited in Melbourne on my Whirlwind Jewellery Safari (are you bored yet? - I think I might be... mmmm)

By the time I reached Pieces of Eight, I was feeling pretty tired. I had been up since about 4:30am and it was getting close to about 2pm without so much as a break for a sandwich or beer, sadly neither I could afford....

oh shit hang on... I'm totally getting a head of myself... rewind..... (Yes, I think blogging in the morning is a much better idea - and for those of you who think i've been drinking, and I know there will be a few, I haven't touched a drop, I may have stolen someones ice-cream out of the freezer, but not a drop of liquor has passed these here lips tonight.... although, this maybe way more on point, or at least much funnier if I had... come on now keep up..) 

After e.g.etal, I made a beeline for Craft VIC, where I was very very happy to have made it to see, in its final hours no less, Nicholas Bastin's exhibition The Sleepless Hero. (Melbourne Jeweller did a little review - link). This was an incredibly considered show, and those of you who are keeping score will know how I love a good exhibition design, it is a very very fine balance between supporting the work and overpowering it entirely. If you follow that link to Melbourne Jeweller's blog, you'll see what I mean. Take note kids, because that's how you do it! Bastin has very cleverly given the audience just enough information and has left the right amount of space for you to create your own stories about these faceless (70% grey?) forms and come to your own conclusions about how the work ended up on the walls of the gallery. So who is this 'sleepless hero'?  I'm taking bets it could Bastin!? Being creative can be (but not all ways) a pretty thankless and often sleepless pursuit right!?

yeah..... thats it. Time for bed. 

Don't worry, you're guaranteed more ramblings tomorrow! It's good thing you're not actually forced to read this, I feel it might be considered torture in some states or territories, poor Karin and BK are probably cringing at all my punctuation and grammatical errors. sorry.


- Z


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