Monday, March 19, 2012


I was asked to write some words about my time at JEMposium, which almost seems like a distant memory, by the lovely NZ ladies who edit OVERVIEW, a great little e-publication that comes out once every few months. You should really subscribe if you haven't already, the next issue comes out in the next day or so (e-mail -

I ended up writing some JEMusings, and if you haven't already guessed, they are just some of my musings!

So here are a few, the ones I have submitted for OVERVIEW, I'll put up in the next fews days once it has gone out to the punters.

It has been just over a month ago since I set out with Nina ‘activities’ Baker, my jewellery traveling buddy, to attend JEMposium the much-anticipated jewellery conference in the delightful and unexpectedly sunny and wind free Wellington, NZ. As you may well know, there are two ways for things to go once you have returned from the rabbit hole. Either you’ve come back feeling depressed, insignificant, ‘hands up in the air’ overwhelmed, I call this hung-over or well-hung. Conversely you return recharged, eager to get your hands dirty and the only word you want to hear is ‘YES’. I am delighted to report I came home as fresh faced as a daisy with a torrent of ideas to ponder and plans to put into action.

JEMusing #1 - Dreaming of Fidels.

Many of the sticking points that keep reappearing in my mind after JEMposium revolved around sitting at a table, often the actual table was different, but in many instances it was situated in a cafĂ© called Fidels. We ate there everyday, in fact twice on some days, and it wasn’t only that the food was de-licious, but it just seemed to have a certain air about it that was just conducive to free flowing and open conversations. My dinning companions were a varied lot and the caliber of jewellers passing through my midst was rather thrilling. While I spent two delightful days being talked at, I found that what happened around the eating table was just as, if not more engaging.

JEMusing 3# - Bottle of Vodka, a hotel room, and 2 jewellers.

Oh you know, just whipping up some make-do jewellery, after a few too many drinks and heavy jewellery conversations. Made from makeup sponges and metal jump rings. Well, we thought it was hilarious.

More to come.... soon soon soon.


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