Sunday, January 16, 2011

Welcome to 2011 - I'm sure you will be happy here.

Yes, it has been a while, sorry.

2010. What a year.

2011. What will it bring? I expect bloody exciting things, opportunities, shows and more adventures than you can poke a stick at. I'm looking forward to putting new projects into action, collaborating with some exciting talent, and working on my writing (with a little help for Mr Skinner) and more frequent postings on this here blog.

# I want one of these - I WANT TAK (I'm a total sucker for marketing, and why not, love the idea)

# Touch, Pause, Engage - Is going to be shown in NZ, and this time they are also presenting the first 15 jewellers from Oz (including me, wooo). I'll be heading over to Auckland with my good mateys Jaz Matus and Vernon Bowden (who are also in the show) on the 4th of February. Hit me up if you want to go for a beer.

# I reckon if you're in melbourne you should get along to this - RJMP

# Do it yourself rings. Brilliant.

Hope your 2011 is looking gooood. Let me know what you're up to.

Cheers - Z


Anna Davern said...

Hey Zoe,
The link to RJMP is a facebook site and I've sworn off FB. What is it?

Zoe Brand said...

Hi Anna,

Sorry, It is information about the Radical Jewellery Makeover Project, Melbourne Jeweller has all the information, follow the link.

Cheers - Z

michele aka the tiny said...

welcome back lady!! happy new year! Hope youve had a great break and enjoyed a bevi or 3 in the sunshine!! see you soon..x

Anonymous said...

Hey Zoe

Thank you for including the link here ... good to see interest in something as interesting as this.

Also, notice the new blog background design ... all very fancy and swish for the new year!

Happy making

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