Saturday, April 3, 2010


124 - a sign from the ladies bathroom at the MLC centre.
123 - from the fabric pouch that you get when you purchase/receive as a gift a piece of jewellery from Prouds.

122 - a sign from a hand drier in a bathroom. yes, that is a kangaroo and an emu drying themselves under a commercial hand dryer.

121 - my expired medicare card

120 - found old green fiberglass

119 - cardboard from an old receipt book

118 - taken from the back of a plastic outdoors chair found on the street

117 - found headlight cover

116 - "A lovely day for a Guinness" vintage metal sign
115 - scotch bright (10 points if you can guess where you have seen this before)

114 - from the cover of a children's book


Kipper Millsap said...

The children's book cover is my favorite! I love your work and process, and am a HUGE fan of what I call the "man-brooch" (any brooch or pin suitable for male adornment). Your work is definitely gender defying. Keep up the good work!

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