Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holey Mackerel!

Only that I thought about checking through my junk mail last night, did I stumble upon an e-mail from one Stuart Bannocks of the UK. The subject line read "Broaching Brooch or Badge", that seemed pretty harmless, so I marked it as safe and proceed to click on the link that was presented to me.
This is what was waiting for me at the other end. (Link)

Stuart has been making a Badge a day since the 11 May 2009. About 20 days before I decided to start mine. Stuart is a designer and has no jewellery experience despite the fact he went to a school in the uk called Goldsmiths (apparently they don't even have jewellery as a subject - how cool is that).

Now for the moment, I feel like I'm in a bit of a non place. This guys stuff rocks. It smacks of character and awesome ideas. Truthfully I feel a little inadequate and gobsmacked by the whole thing.

Badge v brooch.

Stuart has been making badges, and I, have been making brooches. Is there much difference in it? Is something only something because you choose to call it that (Ruudt Peters anyone?)??
Much of what Stuart has been making are badges (round plastic covered button with prefabricated parts), but there are clearly times when he pushes the idea and medium and they no longer stay a badge but perhaps become a brooch or something else entirely.

Either way, he has started a dialogue, and who doesn't love one of those.

Check him out (link)!